How heavy is a lightning bolt?

How do you find out how heavy a lightning bolt weighs?

So im kinda of thinking, lightning bolt is a carbon molecule based reaction to a catalyst of elements. Elements being, nitrogen and oxygen, which when combined create nitrogen oxide. Lightning is created? Think Im miles off with that one.

I like this description you need cold air and warm air. When they meet, a rubbing together of warm air droplets and cold air ice crystals create static electrical charges in the clouds.

Some facts I picked up. The temperature of lightning is 30,000 Kelvin, that’s pretty hot. Surface of our G2V star is 5,778 K

Lightning bolts are an amazing source of energy. Looking up some statistics 1.4 billion lightning bolts per year.

Capturing a lightning bolt, doesnt appear to be that easy. Insanely expensive and with todays technology.

If Matt Damon could make water on mars, surely `I can make a lightning bolt.

How heavy is electricity?

Some sources I viewed for this post.

Why pyramids?

Sorry blog, I keep neglecting you. I will try and be better.

Today Sunday 25th October 2020. The clocks have gone back 1 hour and I am now on my favourite time zone. Why the clocks change, Im not sure. Maybe look into that later, is that a paradox?

Mmm anyway Im curios why a group of humans would build pyramids, what was their purpose? Was it just a lesson over time for humans to learn and create. Develop new skills, keep building structures, more and more complex. So in the beginning living in caves, to be able to move from caves to self built structure must have taken a few generations.

Would it have been caves, no I suspect first trees, and then a phase of development, to move onto caves, Probably a process that took thousands of years. Probably a large part of humans having to adapt to the ever changing climate on earth.

I wonder how long living in trees the skill of using them for shade and protection outside of the forests took.

So that presumably would be pre Stone Age.
That must have been an amazing world to look at.