Roomba® 555 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review

I bought our Roomba® 555 Vacuum Cleaning Robot well over twelve months ago now. Its fantastic if your thinking of buying one it’s brilliant on laminate and wooden flooring, it’s okay on carpets too just needs a bit more maintenance on cleaning the brush. Picking a negative point the charging station can get moved out of position and even if it’s in the right position the Roomba still sometimes takes ages to dock. This is only a little problem but considering how good the Roomba is designed what is going on with the charging station.
Looks like it about the same price as I paid last year from their website. My friend bought it cheaper from EBay and it’s not the same one it doesn’t have a programmable timer. Which is a great feature once a day Roomba automatically cleans when no one is around. I would give it 9.5 out of 10 just let down a bit by the docking station.

I did read a review after I had ordered it and it wasn’t a very good review by trusted reviews it’s not for the same model but it did make me think I had made a mistake, but I am glad to say the iRobot-Roomba-555 is brilliant
iRobotroomba 555
ROOMBA 555: Buy a Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner in the Official iRobot UK Store

Roomba® 555
Vacuum Cleaning Robot

iRobot Roomba 500 Series Robots feature dramatic advancements in navigation and floor coverage, edge and corner cleaning, brushes, filters and anti-tangle technology.

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