Ripped OFF buying online – Character Planet

Buying anything from a website like Character Planet instantly creates a contract of trust primarily on the buyer’s side as they have to trust the seller in this case is honest and will deliver said goods or services, if you’re buying in store this is obviously easier to check the said goods or services as are expected but when buying from a website mostly it’s from the description and photo’s of the item.
So what happens when you decide to buy from a website such as Character Planet which you think is a reliable and trustworthy online retailer, then receive the goods and they are not as advertised or as in the website pictures or even matching the pictures on the email sales confirmation?
Presumable you contact the website as in here Character Planet you have purchased the item from and let them know there is a problem, I have had this issue a few times in the past and the issue has been resolved by the website apologising and sending the correct item ASAP with a paid returns label or envelope.
However I have now bought a t-shirt from Character Planet, I thought was a trustworthy seller only to find the t-shirt doesn’t match the website description, email receipt or website pictures, so I thought I will contact the website only to find an item which I have paid normal delivery charge and express delivery charge for they don’t answer there emails for nearly 5 days, then in their email they state it’s not their fault. So does that mean its mine?
According to them it’s their suppliers fault. I thought I was buying from their website not their suppliers. I can at my expense return the item I ordered and they will send me the correct item I ordered. I have a few issues with this, why should I pay again, it’s their fault. Why should I return the item without receiving the correct item I have paid for? Character Planet don’t like to resolve customer disputes and would rather protract them so customers just give up and put it down to a bad experience, So if you are thinking of buying from this site whether in the UK or overseas I would advise if there is a problem you are more likely better to just throw your money out the front door!!

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