How heavy is a lightning bolt?

How do you find out how heavy a lightning bolt weighs?

So im kinda of thinking, lightning bolt is a carbon molecule based reaction to a catalyst of elements. Elements being, nitrogen and oxygen, which when combined create nitrogen oxide. Lightning is created? Think Im miles off with that one.

I like this description you need cold air and warm air. When they meet, a rubbing together of warm air droplets and cold air ice crystals create static electrical charges in the clouds.

Some facts I picked up. The temperature of lightning is 30,000 Kelvin, that’s pretty hot. Surface of our G2V star is 5,778 K

Lightning bolts are an amazing source of energy. Looking up some statistics 1.4 billion lightning bolts per year.

Capturing a lightning bolt, doesnt appear to be that easy. Insanely expensive and with todays technology.

If Matt Damon could make water on mars, surely `I can make a lightning bolt.

How heavy is electricity?

Some sources I viewed for this post.

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