Getting Old what can you write about that well I’m still here so guess thats something

Coming originally  from Glasgow Shettleston where it sadly rates as one of the most deprived areas in the United Kingdom. With a life expectancy of 63, Seeing as I’ve just gone past half a century and I’m hoping to get past that 63. Other wise my youngest wont have a dad by the time he’s 13, thats not a very comfortable prospect to me.

I’ve lived in many places in the UK. I’ve settled just outside London, England. In a nice little village. At the moment I am suffering from lower back pain something I’ve not experienced before and perhaps have not been too sympathetic to back pain sufferers. Nearly ten weeks now and its probably the  worst injury I’ve had to deal with for a few decades.

It is getting better but it seems to be taking a very long time. Been prescribed one Naproxen tablets 500mg twice a day and one Omeprazole 20mg. I’m not a lover of taking tablets and particularly for this length of time, don’t know if I’ve got some inner repressed fear of being hooked on pharmaceutical companies products. Or it just doesn’t seem natural to have to take something for that period of time for the limited if any relief I’m getting from taking them.

Parenting so why do i think I can write a blog on parenting?

I’ve been lucky enough to have four children and its the single biggest thing in my life thats totally changed me and I think for the better. Made me more of a caring person and I think you learn patience and get a certain amount of pride seeing your children growing up.  I also know not everyone is lucky enough to have that experience and also its not an experience everyone wants or would appreciate but it suits me and I’m happy with it.