Parenting so why do i think I can write a blog on parenting?

I’ve been lucky enough to have four children and its the single biggest thing in my life thats totally changed me and I think for the better. Made me more of a caring person and I think you learn patience and get a certain amount of pride seeing your children growing up.  I also know not everyone is lucky enough to have that experience and also its not an experience everyone wants or would appreciate but it suits me and I’m happy with it.

So I decided to start writing a blog about my life in 2018. To make money

How exciting its going to be is debatable. Wait what am I saying its going to be awesome!! With topics on , parenting, getting old, hobbies, family life, having a live in mother in law with dementia experience. I’m already seeing how exciting this could be. Oh and might as well throw my dog in here somewhere too.  Ok now I think I need to create a menu build some structure in here. Or do I ?